Est: 2019  
HQ: Eustis, FL 
CEO: Michael Pasalich 


Commercial Drain Services provides commercial plumbing services offering 24/7 maintenance and service contracts for Apartments, Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants. CDS also provides comprehensive plumbing services for new construction or renovation of commercial build outs including the installation of commercial drainage systems.


The value of proper plumbing cannot be understated. If there is an issue with the plumbing in a restaurant kitchen, the whole business can be brought to a shrieking halt. Commercial Drain Services understands the importance of a properly maintained plumbing system and strives to be a partner to their clients in working hard to minimize downtime and lost productivity due to disruptions of the water supply or sewer lines. Commercial Drain Services understands that properly installed and maintained commercial plumbing systems are essential to providing food safety, proper hygiene and overall customer satisfaction.