Est: 2014
HQ: Beverly Hills, MI
Partner: Courtney Myers


DemandWorkforce is a cloud based scheduling management system that helps hospitals with one of the most pressing challenges faced daily; how to fill last minute shifts or adjust quickly based on patient admissions. Our platform not only ensures that shifts are filled quickly, but more importantly, are filled with the appropriate staff. DemandWorkforce can be used with all staff including full-time, part-time or temporary including seasonal. It puts full control in your managers’ hands ensuring the optimal mix of the right employees with the required skillsets to provide superior customer service.


The growing demand in health care services is placing a tremendous strain hospital management and supervisors as they struggle to fill open shifts. Nurses and other employees are in high demand and when a Hospital has an open shift, management needs to step away from mentoring staff and rounding on patients to try and fill those open positions. When shifts remained unfilled safety scores, staff engagement and customer satisfaction are all compromised.

Now, Healthcare as well as other industries can take advantage of the flexibility, classification based on certification or training, geo-targeting and other various groupings within specific industries to ensure ad hoc and last minute shifts are filled quickly, and with the appropriate staff.