Est: 2012
HQ: Claremont, CA
CEO: Annika Corbin


Established in 2012 and located in the cute, suburban Claremont village on the outskirts of Los Angeles county. Since their opening, I Like Pie has been building a loyal customer base which has now grown to the point where people will travel nationwide to get a sampling of fresh, ingenious pies, that are thoughtfully crafted and individually prepared.


This has been a journey for husband & wife duo Annika and Rob¬†Corbin. What started as a passion project in their kitchen has since grown into a thriving bake shop with strong ties to the community in which it is located. I like Pie Bakeshop has a fanatical customer base that “shares the love” for little pies with flaky crusts, graham cracker crusts, buttery crusts, and every fruity, chocolaty, custardy filling imaginable.