Est: 2016
HQ: Bloomfield Hills, MI
CEO: Matthew Damman


Walkie Chalk is a specialty toy company that created a totally new way for children and adults to play with sidewalk chalk. The idea was a solution to a problem, when Shauna had recently had her 3rd C-Section and couldn’t get on the ground to draw with her older two kids. She zip-tied chalk to a stick and from that simple idea, Matt worked to build over 25 different prototypes until he eventually perfected his design and brought Walkie Chalk to market. Today, Walkie Chalk is sold online and in stores across the nation and has also been embraced by the special needs community, allowing children in wheelchairs and with disabilities to draw with their friends.


What has surprised the Dammans the most is how many different ways people use and enjoy Walkie Chalk. People have used it to draw lines on sport courts (mainly pickleball) or outline booth space on trade show floors, art teachers have used it outside to teach drawing from a new perspective, college students have used it to market and communicate around campus sidewalks, and even crossing guard companies have raved about it.

Matt and his family love one use in particular: “The best has been the special needs community and all the folks, both kids and adults, who are wheelchair-bound and can now draw with their friends and family.”